Hey, I’m Shelby Mollineaux

UX UI Designer inspired to create enjoyable digital experiences for users

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I’m a UX/UI Designer with a background in project management, business development, and digital marketing. My past experiences leading training sessions, managing projects, and interacting with consumers have given me a well-rounded skill set that allows me to communicate clearly, have a user-focused mindset, and ensure work/projects are delivered on time.

To be a bit more descriptive, I asked a few friends how they might describe me to a stranger. Some adjectives I received were: energetic, authentic, curious, and fun, and I think those words do a great job in capturing who I am.

Approaching tasks, and challenges in life in a dynamic way has always resulted in a better outcome for me than reacting passively. That’s why I always try to inject a touch of energy into the situations I face every day. I find being passionate and spirited is so much more enjoyable.

Authenticity has always been core to me because it allows me to be more connected to others. Those looking for advice always know they can come to me for honesty.

My curious nature has led me on the path of continuous growth and learning. There’s always so much to learn in the design space: new principles, tools, aesthetics, and I am constantly striving to consume new material, and review new resources to improve both my analytic and creative talent.

Finally, I’ve always enjoyed helping people have ‘delightful experiences.’ Perhaps that’s why I’m so passionate about the field of UX/UI - because I’m excited to use my talents to create experiences that users really enjoy.

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